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Old Lady


Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

This item comes with the old lady, the fly, spider, bird, cat, dog, goat, cow and a horse of course!

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Panda Bear

14 inch black and white panda bear. This bear has a zipper underneath to hide surprises or store precious items.

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Brown Bear Hand Puppet

12 inch happy brown bear with bandanna

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Orangutan Hand Puppet

Are you ready to fall in love? Just look into the face of this orangutan hand puppet. Hairy is approximately 25 inches tall and has […]

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Horse Hand Puppet

Caramel colored horse hand puppet approximately 12 inches long

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polar bear


Polar Bear Hand Puppet

Fuzzy was a polar bear! Fuzzy is so soft and cuddly. Fuzzy is approximately 17 inches long with black eyes, a black nose, and a […]

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Penguin Hand Puppet

Waddles the penguin is approximately 15 inches tall. He is black and white with pink around the eyes and in the mouth. He would be […]

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Koala Hand Puppet

Adorable mother koala hand puppet comes with a baby hand puppet sitting on her back. Both puppets are gray and white with black noses. The […]

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Kangaroo Hand Puppet

Very soft caramel colored kangaroo hand puppet comes with a joey finger puppet. The puppet is approximately 14 inches tall. This puppet will make a […]

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