About Me

Hi! Welcome to my listings! I have spent the past 13 years as a Special Education Teacher, and after a long battle with my health, sadly, I can no longer do the job that is my passion and my life. I must move on to a new chapter, and with a heavy heart, depart with my teaching and classroom materials that have taken years and thousands of dollars to accumulate. As 95% of my collection came from my own pocket, I have taken pride in the care and organization of my materials over the years. I hope they will find a new home and continue to be used to educate and create opportunities for fun!

As a special education teacher, I have found materials and aids that present topics in many different formats for the conventional and the unconventional learner. Most of the districts where I have been employed had little to no budget for special education teachers, and I have had months (especially August & September) where I have spent more than I have made. Special education teachers have some of the highest-risk students that not only need different learning materials, but some need school supplies, daily snacks, shoes, and even clothes. It’s a very difficult position that I will miss dearly. I hope these discounted materials will help ease some of those burdens.

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