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Grade LevelInfant, Toddler, Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
Item ConditionNew - Unopened
Listed fromEducator/Student/Parent
ManufacturerMr. Taylor's Science Emporium of Knowledge

Board games are the best way to make math practice fun and engaging! In fact, playing board games is one way we can experience the beauty of Math all around us through group work, tactile manipulation, and friendly competition. In most games, however, math games are too straightforward with cards of math problems for players to solve, or numbered spaced to count. The games are far from fun, only allowing kids to practice math facts or formulas. “LANE SHIFT” integrates deeper mathematical thinking into the gameplay. Students will learn to use all four basic mathematical operations while navigating a highway with 4 different lanes. Each lane on the highway has its own unique features which increases in difficulty as you go from slow lane to fast. Race to the end and win! Combined with highly visual game pieces, fun dice, and interactive game profile cards, Lane Shift will provide your students with an experience like no other!

This game package comes with (6) 12 –sided dice, (4) player profile and math work game cards, (4) game pieces. There is also a complete set in black and white monotone for those who have limited ink or toner resources. Detailed instructions with illustrations are provided as well as assembly directions if needed. There are also player piece blanks which allow your students to customize and draw their own for a more personal approach. Each dice represents the start and end of the equation that the student will be rolling. A separate dice is provided to determine which operation will be used.

This game can be customized to use with any curricula, grade levels K-8. For younger students or special education, choose specific lanes instead of using all four. This game can be used as an end of unit assessment or as a permanent resource available in the classroom to be used at a given time. Your students will lock into the competition and have fun all while learning Math. Have a game that is out-of-the-box and engaging. Students will be asking to player Lane Shift as long as they know it’s in your classroom. What more is to say!!!

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