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I taught elementary school for 15 years in Texas before being transferred to another state. I have been away from the public education sector and realized that I want to take a new approach to educating others. So I am here to part with my school stuff and allow those getting in the trenches or those continuing to stay to utilize these resources. Good luck to everyone and thank you for making a child become successful!

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Letter tiles help you explain reading and spelling concepts very clearly.
Concepts and ideas become something your child can see and manipulate.
The different colors help students visualize the different roles that letters have.
In the video above, for example, colored tiles helped Oliver distinguish between vowels and consonants.
Your child can try out the rules and see how they work.
With letter tiles, concepts are no longer abstract or difficult to understand.
Letter tiles hold a child’s attention…
…especially a child who has attention issues or auditory processing difficulties.
Mistakes are no big deal.
It’s much easier to exchange tiles than to erase and rewrite a word.
Letter tiles make it easier to stay on task for longer periods of time…
…especially for younger kids who are still developing fine motor skills and for whom writing is more tiresome.
Letter tiles lay the groundwork for the accomplishment of bigger goals.
Letter tiles don’t take the place of spelling words with paper and pencil. Instead, they act as a fantastic learning tool that will enable your student to learn to spell more quickly and accurately, helping him get to the real goal: writing.

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