Let William Sherman Blow Up Your History Lessons



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Grade Level3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
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Use the Heroes of History Card Game to make history seem epic to your students. The rules are simple: Build an army in the trenches, choose battlefields and item cards to enhance your army or hurt your opponent’s, and win the battle.

What better way to learn how many people were required to man a Colonial-era cannon than to arm Benedict Arnold with one and have him blow through General William Sherman’s defenses? How about the impact of William Harvey Carney, the first African-American to win the Medal of Honor? Hand him a Winchester and some buffalo chips so he can take down General George Washington and send him to the Museum where he belongs!

This set contains 2 decks of 50 cards each: Midnight Riders (Revolutionary War and War of 1812), and Echoes of the Plains (Civil War and some people from the Plains Indian Wars), 2 game mats to show you how to play, and a rulebook. All history facts were vetted by the resident historians at Appomattox Courthouse National Park, the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, and Valley Forge National Park. This set created to include diversity of America’s heroes.

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