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Thematic Units
All units feature engaging, student-centered, thought-provoking lessons plans that vary from day-to-day. Easy-to-use resources include:

At least 15 engaging activities
Lesson-specific warm-ups
Study and research guides
Differentiated assessments

Table of Contents
Objectives (terms, questions, and answers) … page 6
A Chill Wind from the East (Cold War) … page 8
Spies Among Us? (McCarthy Era) … page 13
Forgotten War (Korean War) … page 19
Fire in the Jungles (Vietnam War) … page 25
Peace! (Anti-War Movement) … page 29
The Dream (Civil Rights Movement) … page 36
What N.O.W.? (Women’s Movement) … page 46
Boycott Grapes (Chicano workers) … page 52
Save the Spotted Owl (environmentalism) … page 58
Gulf War I (war with Iraq) … page 61
Living in Fear? (War on Terrorism) … page 66
Our Brothers’ Keeper (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.) … page 71
That’s Rights (personal freedoms) … page 76
Huddled Masses (immigration) … page 81
Powers to the People (modern Federalism) … page 88
Reviewing Terms (vocabulary puzzle) … page 92
Differentiated Assessments (A – modified; B – Average;
C – accelerated) … page 94
Resources (bibliography) … page 99