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Dann Hurlbert is Carleton College's Media & Design specialist, and he works directly with faculty to develop powerful instructional videos — and to evaluate their effectiveness. Prior to Carleton, he spent 15 years teaching video production and theatre and worked as a professional actor and director — appearing in 40-50 television commercials and nearly that many stage productions. His MFA thesis included producing an instructional video entitled How to Write and Produce Your Own High School Musical, which is currently being distributed through Films Media Group--and through his own site, He’s got a certificate in online teaching through UW Stout and has loads of experience as both a face to face and online instructor. He also recently developed and manufactured the Little Prompter, a personal teleprompter that helps educators easily create and flawlessly delivery their own video content. More information on the Little Prompter is available at You'll often hear Dann advocate for the use of video . . . but only when it's both engaging and developed with assessment in mind.

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You’ve got the talent. You can make the time. You just need a few tips on how to get started . . . or fine-tune the script . . . or run rehearsals . . . or mount the production. How to Write and Produce Your Own High School Musical walks you through each step of the entire process. Join the hundreds of other directors and instructors who have already used this DVD in their theaters and in their classrooms.

Geared specifically to educators and produced by Dann Hurlbert, an actor, director, and media guru, this DVD offers practical, hands-on guidance for creating an original musical–for high schools, colleges, and professionals. Viewers learn six essential components and ten key steps to writing and staging a production that entertains, engages, and boosts ticket sales! Designed for step-by-step viewing, the video is divided into two main sections: Writing and Producing.

It includes segments on:

What You Need
The Time-Table
The Writing Process
Plot Diagraming
Conflict Development
Writing Music
The Finished Script
The Production Schedule
Auditions and Callbacks
Rehearsals and Tech Week
Final Dress Rehearsal
Opening Night.

The DVD version contains bonus features, including additional tips and video excerpts. It is English only, Region 1.

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