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Grade LevelAll Ages
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Artic Photos posted represent a small portion of available items
Artic Photos – p, b, m, d, t, f, v, k, g, s, z, sh, ch, l, j, r, th, s blends, l blends, r blends – 20 Decks
Say and Do Action Artic – p, f, k, g, s, sh, ch, l, r – 10 Decks
Webber Vocalic R – 5 Deck set
LinguiSystems – Artic Caps /s/, /r/ 60+ per set/across word positions and blends
Avery Artic Set III – incl./p, b, m, t, d, f, v, k, g, th, sh, ch, j, zh/
Webber Photo Phonology – Initial Consonant Deletion, Final Consonant Deletion, Fronting, Nasalization, Cluster Reduction
Webber MINI Apraxia Photo Cards – full set of 520 matching pairs
Bjorem Speech Sound Cues
Word Flips for Learning Intelligible Production of Speech
Janelle Publications – Dudsberry Artic Cards /f,v/ /p,b,m/
The Entire World of K and G Change-a-story Flip Book
The Entire World of S and Z Change-a-story Flip Book
The Entire World of SH and CH Change-a-story Flip Book
The Entire World of TH, F and V Change-a-story Flip Book
AlphaTales –S, Z, F, V, SH, CH, J, L, R, TH,
Structured Photographic Articulation Test II featuring Dudsberry

Phonological Awareness
Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat
Scholastic Rhyming Puzzles
Scholastic Beginning Letter Sounds Dominoes
Rhyme Time! Picture Fish
Rhyming cards
Rhyming Containers w/ manipulatives – 10 containers
Word Families with Silly Sentences Super Fun Deck

Super Duper Fun Decks – 30 boxes (see photo for specifics)
Webber Photo Cards – Analogies
Webber Basic Story Comprehension 4 Fun Decks on CD
Inferencing Skill Strips
Classifying Mats
Sequencing Verb Tenses
Homophones in Sentences
Autism & PDD Photo Cards – Wh- Questions
Autism & PDD Photo Cards – Verb Tense Questions
The Expressive Language Kit – Classifying & Describing Photo Cards
Story Cubes Tell Me A Story, Tell Tale
Webber Photo Cards – Story Starters
Ravensburger Tell-A-Story
No-Glamour Grammar Cards
Super Fun Decks (with Secret Decoders) :
Something Happens…In Sequence!
Homonyms for Me 1-2-3
Reading for Details In Stories – Levels 1, 2, 3
What is the Main Idea?
Basic Editing and Proofing
Webber Photo Cards – Story Starters
Webber Photo Cards – Verbs
Webber Photo Cards – Analogies
Photo Language Cards – Actions
Photo Language Cards – Categories
No-Glamour Sequencing Cards
Associations puzzle pairs
Simple Puzzle Pairs – Alphabet & Numbers

Chipper Chat – game board set w/magnet chips and wands
Pronoun Skate party (incomplete set, but 6 game boards and 4 card sets)
Say & Do Verbs Bingo Ask & Answer “Wh” bingo
Pirate Talk Receptive/Expressive Language Game Funalogies
Plunk’s Pond – A Riddles Game for Language Photo Fish – Classifying
Sally’s Circus, an Articulation Game Zingo
Secret Square – The Game of Great Questions Creatures & Critters
Semantically Speaking The Witch’s Cauldron
ZooLogic Diggity Dog
Dish It Up! Make It Up!
My Grandmother went to Market Maisie
3-Minute Timer
Puzzles: ABC/abcs, colors, farm animals, Melissa&Doug Hide and Seek Board +
Webber Story Time Communication Boards + all 12 books
Storytelling Kits manipulatives sets
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Corduroy
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Silly Sally
The Very Hungry Caterpillar It Looked like Spilt Milk
There was an Old Woman…

Source Books
Early Articulation Roundup!
Jumbo Artic Drill Book (b, ch, d, f, g¸h, j, k, l, l belnds, m, n, p, r (vocalic), r b lends, s, s blends, sh, t, th, v, w, y, z
Fold and Say Artic Stories – s, r, l, d, f, g, k, t, v, ch, sh, th, s, r, l Blends
“Say and Do” rebus for Articulation S/R/L, Sh/Ch/Th, and S/R/L Blends
Artic Tickle Stories – s, r, l, ch, sh, th, k, g, p, b, d, v, f, m, n, t, z, and S/R/L Blends
Sound-Loaded Scenes for Articulation
No-Glamour Auditory Processing
Simply Social 7 at School

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