Classroom Attractions; Level 2 Comprehensive Magnet Lab



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Classroom Attractions Level 2:
Ages 6-9/Grades 1-3

Supplement your science curriculum with comprehensive magnet kits aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards! Investigate motion and stability, matter and its interactions and more. Designed for groups of 5-10 students.

*Alnico Bar Magnet (2”)
*5 Ceramic Horseshoe Magnets (1”0
*5 Plastic-encased North/South Bar Magnets
*5 Plastic-encased Button Magnets
*5 Plastic-encased Block Magnets
*15 Ceramic Ring Magnets
*5 Sets of Polished Steel Shapes
*5 Magnet Wands
*5 Compasses
*5 Pencils
*Teachers Guide

*Explore attraction & repulsion
*Investigate a magnet’s force through solids & liquids
*Experiment with temporary & permanent magnets
*Investigate the Earth as a magnet
*Learn magnetism vocabulary

Next Generation Science Standards:
*Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions
*Matter & its interactions
*Ask questions & define problems
*Plan & Carry out Investigations
*Analyze & Interpret Data
*Cause & Effect

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