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Mosaic of Thought

By Eileen Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann; shows how to teach comprehension in a literature based classroom; looks into classrooms and gives a glimpse of […]

The Daily 5

Written by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser; Second edition copy to launching the Daily 5; also includes math work

In the Middle

By Nancie Atwell; this second edition book explores teaching and learning and what our role is as a teacher; Atwell is a middle school teacher […]


By Regie Routman; focuses on whole language and the connection between literacy and writing; this book came before “Invitations”; notes have been made in the […]


By Regie Routman; book on using whole language in the classroom; includes the blue pages which are teacher resources; very useful in developing who you […]

Word patterns

CVC and Word Pattern Cards. The cvc word patterns are in sheet protectors. The word pattern cards are in a bundle of 30. Dry erase […]